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Making up Stories


Hello old and newly found blog friends!

Well butter my glasses and call my brain a fog,…

but after that last thread, (The Cherished Blogfest  http://wp.me/p5kuFz-he) – and getting so many positive responses…

my typing fingers are literally finger typed…aaah tied.

I loved getting to know you all.

I visited every single poster back,

read my way through your blogs and left comments.

Sigh… if only the day had a few zillion more hours.

Actually my first blog fest confirmed  how I prefer getting a suggested topic.


Whenever my grandkids call me on the phone, (which they do a lot), they beg me to tell them a story… And as usual, the first thing that enters my mind is a blankety- blank white canvas. Yup… absolutely nothing.

Then I hear the whining and the giggling and more whining,… “Come on Oma, (grandmother in German) … tell us a story right now! …….Poleeeeeeeeeeease!”

Well after I flush the toilet and wash my hands, I then make myself comfortable between a pot of over-cooked spaghetti, meatballs, and half-tossed salad.

“You know how this works… you have to tell me what the story should be about.” I remind them.

“A gorilla!” Shouts Manuel, my 5-year-old grandson.

“No stupid!” Michael cries in the background.

I hear shoving and something toppling over. I groan a sigh of relief, … because I didn’t hear any glass shattering.

“It’s my turn to decide today!” Michael, my seven-year old grandson continues to yell. “Poleeeeeease Oma, tell us a story about racing cars!”

More shoving and grunts.

“Okay okay… but only if you two stop fighting. I’ll tell you a story about racing cars and a gorilla. How would you like that?”

“Yesssss.” They suddenly whisper in unison, in an awe-like and, (bless their hearts), quiet reverence.

When beginning my story,… I don’t have a clue as to where it will lead me,… and, as usual, I’m as curious as my grandsons…Right − a gorilla and a racing car… what the…?

“But up to now… every story turned out to have a plot! Even a cool ending! And one or the other has even caused some giggling fits…accompanied by thumping background sounds of things falling down.

So what am I trying to say?… I guess there is nothing like participating in a Blogfest to fill a blog.

How do YOU all decide on your next topic?

I sure hope to hear from you again, and you can be sure that I will visit you too.

My grandsons rescuing their Guinea pigs from being attacked by wild plastic horses.

Oh, and in case anyone wonders what happens to the stories

I tell my grandchildren? When I have the time,…

I jot them down.

You just never know if a book

might come out of all of this.

Author: Angelika Schwarz

I'm an author on the go. Give me a caravan, laptop, camera, and Hubby at my side, ( not exactly in that order), and I'm on a 'roll'.

12 thoughts on “Making up Stories

  1. In my case, since I just started blogging and its summer I think it’s been a bit easier for me. I have some extra time that I soon won’t have so I’ve been talking about how I love to read and then I did reviews on things I’ve watched recently. Then the one day I wrote a poem and decided to make it a weekly feature. Things come and go and right now I’m inspired I suppose.

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  2. Oh how I love this blog post, Angelika! How wonderful to have an Oma who creates magical stories for her grandchildren like that!!! I love it, and would LOVE to see you write a book of your magical stories!!

    This reminds me of a time wayyyy back in the late 70’s when I was a live-in nanny for three children under 3 for a little over a year. The mother was home, but recuperating from her 2nd cesaerean in two years, so wasn’t able to do very much for several months. Anyway, every afternoon, they would all go down for a nap, but the 3-year old always begged me to read him a story. When I first got there, we began by reading some of the books that he had on his shelf. But he didn’t like the endings of them (like Goldilocks or the Three Little Pigs). So I started asking him to tell me when we got to the part in the story that he didn’t like, and then I asked him to finish the story the way HE wanted it to end. So he did. He was an amazing story-teller and I really cherished those pre-nap story-times, as did his Mom. She would come and stand just outside the door to listen, (because for some reason, as soon as she would come into his room, he would stop the story.) It was a magical experience for all of us.

    As for blogging, I’ve run into a very long dry spell with absolutely no idea or inspiration whatsoever to write. At first it bothered me, because I’ve written all of my life, from poetry to short stories to the blogs. But now I’m enjoying the freedom to explore other activities and other people’s blogs while I wait for the writer to come back to life.

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  3. Oh yes Glitter Aficionado –inspiration plays a big part in blogging. And I agree, no need to mull over the next topic… ideas do have a life of their own. lol

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  4. Sharon, what a delightful switch;… a three year old finishing a fairy tale the way he wants it. I bet there is a book in that too. You created a magical place just for the two of you. He only needed and wanted you to inspire him. I have a feeling you will reopen your blog soon. You love writing way too much, and you are way too talented to just let it lie. Thank you dear friend for visiting…I love that you loved this topic.

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  5. I’m glad your first blog fest was so successful, Angelika. 🙂 They are time-consuming, but a great way to establish yourself within the blogging community. Recurring or weekly features keep things flowing too. BTW, I just signed up for another challenge, open to writers, artists and photographers. Have a look. Should be a good fit for you:
    Your stories with the grandkids would make wonderful children’s books!

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  6. Thank you so much for posting the link Debbie. I realize now how important it is to participate in many challenges. I’ll check it out. Oh and I’m delighted about the FB friend request. Thank you!

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  7. How lovely to meet a fellow traveller. My feet are never in one place for long. Just got back from New Caledonia which is why I didn’t participate in the Cherished blogfest. I’m thrilled beyond words to see you commenting at the WEP blogfest. We are just getting off the ground again after a short break, and we hope to have a splendid Spectacular Settings kick off. As you see, the options are wide open. Please feel free to pop back to the site to ask more questions or email me…or Yolanda Renee, my partner.

    Denise 🙂

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  8. I’ll be back to read more when I have a spare moment. 🙂

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  9. Thanks for visiting Denise. and if you have any spare -spare moments – send them over here too… I need to explore your site in greater length as well. 🙂


  10. Yes the cherished blog fest was fun, it is nice to have a prompt. I’m taking part in more challenges now which I find concentrates my mind on a particular theme though sometimes it’s fun to just do something a bit different. I will be posting some photos of a trip to London soon, this happened a while ago, after collecting my daughter from University.

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  11. I’ve never been to London Marje. I’m looking forward to your photos of your trip there. I have to check your following button, thought I did… but just want to make sure. 🙂


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