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City Constance at Lake Constance


Hi folks, it’s been a while, but I think I’m back in the saddle again.

Between family visits at our house, Hubby and I took off for a weekend to see a maritime show in the city Constance, which is the largest metropolitan city, nestled on the shores of Lake Constance. (Bodensee in German).

Part of the city belongs to Germany, and the other part to Switzerland. The countries’ border lines run between houses and streets, and – (you won’t believe this!)between the largest department store in the city. Isn’t that just amazing? The two countries share festivities, buildings, the ice stadium, the bus transportation system and the gas and electric works, most everything – just not the Euro. Which means, when going on a shopping spree you need to bring both: the European Euro and the Swiss Franks.

Before I show you some of the photos I took, I have to tell a most remarkable and intriguing story about this city. The City Constance is represented by a 33 foot statue of a lady, named Imperia. She is mounted at the tip of the harbor and slowly rotates on her own axis.

Well, as you may have guessed; Imperia wasn’t just an ordinary lady. She was once – the classiest whore – in the entire city.  It’s the year 1414. The medieval church council was situated in Constance and a new Pope had just been elected. It was well known that high priests, kings and emperors courted Imperia as well as other prostitutes. But it was Imperia who gained, through her high ranking customers, the power to rule over life and death.

The story gets better.

Imperium holds upon her hands two dwarfish naked men. On her right uplifted palm she carries the king of Constance, and on the left the Catholic pope. The artist, Peter Lenk, satirically displays the whore as a juggler, arrogantly playing with the two powers.  The king and the pope, the most powerful men, are ruled by their lowest instincts. Imperia, who embodies physical love, appears to be the only dominant figure, who holds the two comical and pathetic figures in the high world of supremacy.

Guess Clinton wasn’t all that naughty after all. Jeez… people haven’t changed a bit.

And now… to my photo show! Enjoy 🙂

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Author: Angelika Schwarz

I'm an author on the go. Give me a caravan, laptop, camera, and Hubby at my side, ( not exactly in that order), and I'm on a 'roll'.

9 thoughts on “City Constance at Lake Constance

  1. This was a wonderful trip through your eyes! I enjoyed the story and your beautiful photo show! I think this has become one of my favourite places on earth and I’ve never even actually been there…yet! Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Lake Constance. I enjoyed reading about Imperia. Next time I’ll look out for her! And I honestly never knew the city was owned by Switzerland and Germany. Never noticed that, but I suppose I was in the German part. Tell us more about Lake Constance. It’s gorgeous and huge too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sharon, we had perfect photography weather. Thank you for always letting me know you have stopped by. You validate my efforts. I so appreciate it. Sending you a BIG hug!

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  4. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs! I love seeing the world through your eyes.

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  5. Serendipitydoit, I never knew much about the city Constance either. Thanks to writing a travel blog, I’m learning about things, I probably never would have thought of. Almost every city has some interesting unique story. I’m sure I will be posting more on Lake Constance. It’s my favorite place. Thank you for commenting my friend. Are you back from your trip?


  6. Constance is a fabulous city but I didn’t know the story of the statue until now. Thanks for that fascinating explanation! 🙂 My mother’s best friend from school used to live there. She and her husband owned a sailing school back in the 60s, which was the last time we visited. Your photos are wonderful, Angelika. I’d love to go back there.

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  7. That’s so cool that I can tell you some new things about cities you have visited. Wow, owning a sailing school on Lake Constance is quite a privilege. My brother went to sailing school on Bodensee. He sailed from Lindau… or rather he drifted. They didn’t get the slightest breeze all week. lol

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  8. I was wondering why I didn’t remember the statue (old age memory lapse?). Apparently, it was erected in 1993, according to Wikipedia. That explains it! 🙂 My mother’s friends had us as houseguests a few times.

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  9. LOL , I always think it’s my old age memory lapse if I can’t remember something. But thank God there is usually another very logical reason. We ain’t that far yet Debbie… and I like to think that we never will be. 🙂 Ride on!


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