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Marbella, Spain


Marbella, Spain this time we aren’t in our caravan underway,  too many miles (2,400 kilometers or 1,500 miles)  from our town in Germany. Besides, driving over snowy mountain passes is no fun with a caravan. But I’m not sure which is worse; we rented  a small car with a stick shift. I haven’t driven a stick shift  for over 30 years…needless to say, the car and I died several deaths, accompanied by wild, clacking, windshield wipers (under the DRY glaring sun) since I couldn’t figure out how to turn the darn things off.  BUT — we made it. The car is  now parked in a terrible  underground garage! Yes, a garage with tight corners, low ceilings, steep hills and valleys! Honestly, I’m afraid to take it out … maybe next week….or the week after that?

After a lot of research I found a lovely one bed room apartment with a gorgeous sea view, for a quarter of the normal price, since February is in the off season. …………………..Click for larger image.


 You would never think it’s off season, though. Cafés and restaurants are full, masses of pedestrians stroll through the ancient city streets of Marbella, and summer time sounds of laughter, balls bouncing along sidewalks, and the smell of suntan lotion overrides perfume  scents. The only thing, but a big difference, is that the beaches are almost empty. Not a soul is in the water, and even those who dare dip their toes into receding waves do it only once, to hastily bury their feet back into the warm sand.


The wide pedestrian walks under palm trees, swaying in the almost constant wind, the garlic and grilled fish aromas, and the interesting architecture of the endless high rise buildings, adorned with gigantic balconies and picture windows, confirm that Marbella is a huge tourist magnet. Other than the ‘ancient city square’, Marbella is modern, and doesn’t offer much more culture. But a number of interesting cities are within a good hour’s drive, like: Seville, Gilbrator and Malaga. We haven’t visited them yet… but plan to. I will be sharing about them as well….if I ever dare drive the rented car out of  the hall-of-horrors underground garage.


Want to see more? OH GOOD! Then just click

My photos of Marbella, Spain 

to see  more of my photos in high quality resolution. And if you enjoyed  your visit… please let me know. 🙂


Author: Angelika Schwarz

I'm an author on the go. Give me a caravan, laptop, camera, and Hubby at my side, ( not exactly in that order), and I'm on a 'roll'.

9 thoughts on “Marbella, Spain

  1. Oh you lucky woman. It sounds gorgeous. Love the pics too. I’m driving an automatic now and even though it’s only been a few weeks, I think I’d have a problem switching back to gear shift. As for those super narrow parking garages, I don’t blame you for not wanting to take it out. Crossing fingers. B xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This looks like a lovely holiday spot any time of year. Enjoy! As the song goes “I’ve Never Been to Spain, but I kind of like the music”. 🙂 Thanks for the pictorial.


  3. Thanks Debbie. I don’t know that song, I know a similar German song “Ich war niemals in New York”, by Udo Jürgens. Today has been a day of rest… my feet need to recover from all the walking. 🙂


  4. Great pics as always! The palm trees and near-empty beaches are like Southern California right now. I learned to drive on a stick shift, but it’s been a long time since I last used one.


  5. Thank you Meredith. No need for you to travel anywhere Meredith. Not when you live in California! 🙂 Yesterday I finally dared drive the car out of that horror garage. To make things worse different lights had to be switched on, otherwise you stand in pitch darkness. And then to add to that, some horrible knocking noise from some machine echoed through the dungeon. But now is all well… the Vampires from Spain have seen the light! Bahaaaaw


  6. Lovely place you found!!! Enjoy ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you Ivapok. I will have to write another post on Spain… It’s truly beautiful here.


  8. What an awesome spot! I’m so happy for you, knowing how long you’ve been looking forward to this! I enjoyed every picture…especially intrigued by the one with curtains on the outside. Hmmm. Wouldn’t work here with all this snow in winter and blazing sun in the summer (they’d fade away in less than a year). Anyway, I always enjoy seeing the world through your eyes. xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Gracias mi Amiga. 🙂 I always enjoy seeing Cuba and your Cuban friends through your eyes too!


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