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Mallorca in February and March

Hola my friends!

This time we traveled by plane… since crossing over to Mallorca Island  in our caravan could be hazardous. 🙂 Mallorca has no campsites anyway… so we decided to rent an apartment. I found a great deal,  because February and March are off season. Even renting a (new) car for two months and 4 days cost only 340,00 Euros!

Just click on photos  to enlarge.

Because good deals are sometimes booked years ahead, I booked last April. We were really excited, since we have never spent a vacation in one spot so long… in other words, we decided to test the snow bird thingy.  We checked the temperatures for this time of year.  The temps were always  between 60 and 75 degrees. So you can imagine the shock when  the first 8 days were just above freezing, rainy, and hurricane winds. When speaking with folks around us, they looked surprised at our naive trust, confirming  that the cold temperatures are absolutely normal for this time of year. So what does this tell us?  Don’t trust those temperature sites… they are often sponsored by travel  online sites….. need I say more?

To be honest with you, I love it when it’s stormy outside, especially when we can see the Mediterranean sea churning like a washing machine, right outside of our glass sliding doors.  Perfect weather to hammer away at my lap top and work on my second novel, (more about that another time. 🙂 ) Hubby reads the newspaper, watches  soccer, and meanwhile the Olympic games… shhh… don’t tell him… but I welcome this weather.

When a sunny day does come, like yesterday, all the more we rejoice, and OOO and AAA at all the glorious scenery sparkling in the sunlight .  Take a look… the following  shots were from our outing yesterday.


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Waving to you from Mallorca,




Vacationing with Friends and Family

Do you vacation with friends and/or family… or do you prefer going on your own or as a couple?

We’ve  gone on many a vacation with my brother, and it has always been wonderful. This time we were six folks, and it was even better. I dare say it was the big H vacation!

Harmonious, Humorous, and Happy … of course we enjoyed Heavenly views, not to mention….. Hiking up Hills, Horsing around and drinking plenty of delicious French wine…Hic.

Well, just to make a sweet story short… exactly – four minutes short… I put a little video together. … It might just get you into the mood of traveling with others … cause it’s really true; … the more the merrier.



My  Last Rose

While on a stroll in my windswept yard,

I searched for plants that weren’t hit too hard.

For rain, hail and winds stripped and cropped,

Dainty rose pedals till they dropped.

But then a sun ray shone down from the sky,

And something pink and shiny caught my eye.


I pushed back the fern and lifted a branch,

To see sparkly rain drops twinkle and dance,

Upon a single rose – spread in full blossom, 

A delicate beauty – quietly awesome.

For nothing is quite as lovely or shines much brighter,

Than when frail life morphs into a damn good Fighter.


My pink rose.

by Angelika Schwarz

More of my poems and short stories  are available in my series: Brighten a Senior’s Day I, II, III. 

Uplifting, entertaining and fun reading from the ages of 9 to 99.  

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I LOVE my E-bike!

I have never before mentioned a product I use, but this time I can’t help myself.

If you should ever consider buying an electric bicycle, you might just be overwhelmed by all the choices that are on the market. I was.  I try to support local stores, so I set off visiting one bike shop after the other. All of them offered e-bikes, but not one of them had a folding e-bike in their itinerary. The sales person usually began to leaf through his catalog to present me a folding e-bike starting off with about 2000 Euros ($ 2232.90). Wow… that was out of my league.

Although I was skeptical about buying a bike before I could test ride it, I decided to check the internet.

In my search, I listed:  compact fold, maximum loading, minimum mileage/kilometer range and price. The E-bike Xia was the only one that showed up.

And amazingly enough … the price was right! https://www.germanxia.de/

Since we camp a lot, I needed a bike that could easily fold and be stored in the back of our Nissan. The maximum weight was important, since I’m not exactly a light weight and I do carry heavy camera equipment with me. A big added plus is when the battery is fully charged… the e-bike runs up to 138 kilometers!

I love LOVE my e-bike. For the first time in years, I have no knee pain after a bike tour. The comfortable upright position, without having to lean on my wrists is perfect.  And it’s easy to get off and on the saddle, because of the low slung bar.


Yes, There Are Age Limits: At least 40 US states and Canadian provinces have a minimum operator age for e-bikes, typically 14 or 16 years of age. In Alberta, 12 year olds can operate an e-bike, but in Quebec, you must be 18.

Speedy Enough: Think cars are that much faster than an e-bike? Think again. The average car speed for around-town driving is 18 mph. Average e-bike speed? A very respectable 15 mph.

Yes, They Still Count as Exercise: Though they’re pedal assist, an e-bike can still give you a workout, improving your cardiovascular health, fitness, and aerobic capacity.

Here are a few photos of my Stallion… Ah… s’cuse me, my e-bike. I call him Silver, as in the Long Ranger’s horse … Hi Yo Silver! My boomer friends will surely know what I’m talking about.

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“Earth Rocket to Mars, we are now approaching Planet Earth.”

A translucent light blinked, “Mars to Earth Rocket, good luck! And bring back living species!

Three green Martians stepped out from their flying saucer. They overlooked a stone fortress surrounded by acres of vineyards. Near the fortress, groups of living creatures gathered around tables drinking and spitting.

“Looks like we found our living specimens!” the tallest Martian said. “What a bizarre way of consumption.”

“The sign over there is in Spanish! It just so happens – Spanish is one of the 1000 languages I learned for this trip!” The shortest Martian slowly read out loud;

“Private wine tours in Rioja!”

“They go on ‘whine’ tours? Now that is really weird!” The middle Martian said. “Let’s observe them!”

In a flash, they beamed their bodies behind large oak barrels by the fortress walls. Their ears grew as they listened to the living specimens communicate.

“We stayed overnight in Barcelona.” A female homo sapien gushed.

“Oh how lovely! And we visited the oldest tavern in Madrid,” another creature squealed.

“Got to give it to ‘em,” a deep voice drawled. “I’ve never tasted the likes of this in Texas! It’s way too dandy to spit out! Sure wish humans would get better with age too!”

The group began to sputter and giggle, when suddenly one of the human specimens tripped and tumbled against the wine barrels.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” he exclaimed.

Three tall green Martians slowly emerged from behind the barrels.

The mesmerized group returned the Martians’ shocked stares …  till a male human raised a glass and slurred, “You guys sure look like you need a drink!”

Before the Martians could protest, each one was handed a glass of fizzy red wine.

“We like sparkles.” the middle Martian said and sniffed the wine, swirling it in his glass till he finally dared to taste it.

“Mmmm good … more MORE!” the three exclaimed. (After all they had just completed an exhausting 125 year long trip).

Suddenly a voice boomed out of a Martian’s finger-ring. “Soooo? What shape is Planet Earth in?”

The Martian took a long swallow, before answering. “This sun filled planet is like one big fermenting grape – enticingly sweet – but irresistibly naughty.”

“Have you found any living specimens yet?” The voice sounded impatient. “You know that you must return before night fall!”

The three Martians giggled. “Return? Are you out of your extra-terrestrial mind?”

The leader tossed the blinking ring into the vineyard and winked his forehead eye at their new found friends. “Here’s to this day, we’ll never remember, with the friends we’ll never forget.”

“Cheers!” They all raised their glasses in salute.

“Here’s to galaxies and aliens,

Martians and Homo sapiens.

Rich soil and Spanish sunshine!

Sniff, swirl and savor – sweetly we favor,

A glass of Rioja wine!”






Tarifa, the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen!

Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t many more beautiful beaches. But the Tarifa beach is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. (Click on photo to enlarge!)

The most wonderful restaurant owner in Marbella!

The most wonderful restaurant owner in Marbella!

We would never have discovered this place if we had never met Javiar, the owner of a beach side restaurant.

Because we ordered a huge fish platter at the ungodly hour of 11:30 in the morning (we were the only guests), Javiar was the host with the ‘mostess’. He told us of so many wonderful places that we must see, none of which were in our guide-book or in the tourist center. So, I can only recommend — talk to the  natives!

Since Javiar’s passion is kite-board surfing, he told us we must go to Tarifa, which just happens to be the El Dorado for kite board surfers in the world!  Meanwhile we found out  that Tarifa  is called Europe’s wind capital. Due to the Strait of Gibraltar, which  forms an ideal wind tunnel, it’s blessed with 300 days of wind and sun every year!


Only a two-hour drive from Marbella, Tarifa lies in the most southern point of Europe. When we arrived we were literally blown away – more ways than one!


But what really impressed me were the clear turquoise waves spewing out, in long billowing formations. Gusts of spindrift sprayed from their crests, reminding me of swarming insects gathering in silent dance formations, before spreading into masses of buzzing clouds.spray1

Tarifa is mainly known, though, for its canned Tuna. Maybe you too have opened a tuna can from Tarifa? Every year from March until August, tuna,  up to 3 meters in length and 700 kilos in weight, pass through the Straits of Gibraltar to spawning grounds in the Mediterranean. Guess how old Tuna can get! 35 years old! Who would have thought that?

In conclusion, if you like, check out the short slide show with a few more of my impressions of Tarifa.

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Hasta la Vista!


A most beautiful coastal walk.

As I sit here listening to the ocean roar behind my open terrace doors, I am gratefully soaking my feet in a basin filled with warm water, colored in a golden hue, from the 4 bags of chamomile tea.

What a day! I never knew that Spain has thousands and thousands of miles of gorgeous pedestrian walks along the Andalusian coast line. The walks, a combination of board walks, hard packed sand, and tiled walks — wide enough for 6 cyclists to ride abreast, are dotted with palm trees, beach bars, restaurants, and tapa stands. Between clusters of trees, trickling waterfalls find their way into the hundreds of streams, flowing into the Mediterranean.


Spain: Andalusia Coast line

Although it seemed like a thousand miles, we walked ‘only’ about 15 kilometers. That’s a lot for me, since I’m not used to walking such distances, and my sore toe didn’t help either. The forever changing views of dancing lights reflecting over breaking waves, the peace, friendly faces, and the crisp salty air, spurred me on … causing me to forget that we have to walk back too.  Everything is so immaculately clean, shiny, and welcoming… (Is that a word?).

p1000630 p1000619 p1000622


Click on an image below, in order to see a slide show and larger images. 

You get the impression that Spain is a rich country, flourishing, and happy.

But…. The other day we walked away from the fancy shore lines, and saw quite another Spain. Slums, poverty, and sad faces. Like in so many tourist areas, unfortunately those who serve the tourists, live in pathetic dwellings. Like in so many tourist areas, the real-estate lords, shovel in the cash, and the service folks, come way too short.

Spain is recovering, slowly but surely, though, from a serious crisis. Everywhere you look you see builders, construction workers, and shops opening. It surely must help that Europeans aren’t traveling to Turkey anymore, which allows countries like Spain to profit from the additional stream of tourism.

This is the second addition of our trip to Marbella Spain. Hope you enjoyed it, and if so … let me know. 🙂