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Brighten a Senior’s Day – New Release

I guess nobody is more surprised than I am that I have written a second book, so  shortly after I published my first book: Wings on her Heels, which was released in August, this year.

But I have to admit, about half of the poems and short  stories were written over the past years, — so  it wasn’t all that much of a feat to put this book together in such a short period of time.

The book is as different as can be from my first novel. But I have always had this book, way before my  first novel came to being, in the back of my mind.

angelika__6_mo and Mom

Me, ( 6 months old) and my mother.

It all started with my Mom. She gave me  a warm loving childhood, and after surviving the usual mother and daughter teenage hassles, we grew closer as the years went by. And after the initial shock of realizing how much we really were alike, I acknowledge that our similar  interests and  our spontaneous way of embracing everything we love are exactly  the reasons why we were so close.

Visiting her at  the assisted living home, and later on  in the senior home was truly a pleasure for me. At the time, I was still running my own business,  and was raising our baby granddaughter. So visiting my mother was  an — out time  — for me. It relaxed me to leaf through the old photo albums with her,  take her on car rides, or accompany her on short walks.   I was truly blessed with my mother, for she was so appreciative of every little thing I did. I loved how she would call me her angel — her own personal angel.

As the years passed,  her concentration began to fade. But  still she always loved a good story, as long as it wasn’t too long. I set out to find such stories. I didn’t want a children’s book, since my mother would have been insulted by that. I wanted a book to read to her, touch on topics — pleasant topics, that would  motivate new conversations. Perhaps there is a book out there that satisfies those needs, I searched — but I couldn’t find it.

Rest in Peace, Mom. (1921-2010). I hold you always in my heart.

my mother, my granddaughter, and me

So while putting my poems and short stories together, I always had my mother  in mind. — Would this make her laugh? Would this make her thoughtful?  Would this  encourage her to share with me some  long forgotten memory?

Many seniors fall into a depression. So the last thing I wanted to do was stir up sad memories. My mother loved to laugh. Oh, and how I loved to laugh with her.

The book will be FREE on Kindle, and the printing costs come to just a little over $5,00 as a paperback.

I’ve posted a few excerpts  of my work. Enjoy,  and  I would love to hear if you or your dear senior  member enjoyed this book too. As always,  leaving  a  review in Amazon is the bread and water for an author. And if I should get enough positive feed back, then I’ll write more books of this kind.

TV Antennas 

…Now TV’s are getting more slender by the year,

Contrary to my bum; it fills the chair with ears….

The Dimpled Fin

…The magic of the night encompassed us as we spoke in hushed tones, under the million stars. We were in awe of nature and its spell-bounding mysteries. Our smiling friend didn’t return that night, but he left behind a sprinkle of enchantment in our hearts, that has never faded….

Grandma’s Apron Jig – sung to the tune of Oh Susannah

Oh my grandma, you taught me how to be,

I cuddled in you’re lovin’ arms; you’re forever dear to me.

Marybeth and Mr. Parker

….Her George had bushy eyebrows. They were so bushy that she even tried to braid them once, and actually was successful with two tiny braids on each side. ….

Caramel Candy

Have you ever had a caramel stick to your gums?

Can’t get it down with the strength of your tongue?

… and many more!

I’ll let you know when Brighten a Senior’s Day is on the market…. it’s still being proofed … but it will be out before Christmas.

Happy reading,


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