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The Mediterranean Light Phenomena

Is Mallorca in the twilight zone?

How do I explain this question?  My husband and I have been experiencing a strange phenomena while here.  If it’s not pouring rain, we usually hike a few hours per day. Often we hike without a plan, since Mallorca is an island, and as long as you can see the coastline, you will find your way back. When we look in the distance, we usually choose a landmark: either a lighthouse, yacht club or a rugged peninsula.  Then we estimate how long it will take to the designated landmark … and now here’s the phenomenon:

Without fail, we miscalculated every time. Every land mark looks so far away… but in reality it was closer than we ever imagined it could be. For example… when estimating a good half hour to reach our goal, it turns out to be only ten minutes!! It’s freaky. Does anyone have an explanation for this, other than telling us we have lost our marbles? Can it be that the Mediterranean light is playing tricks on our eyes?

I’ve chosen photos taken in this Mediterranean light.  Just follow that man in the red jacket. Hope you enjoy… and believe me… the photos are a lot closer than you think!


Mallorca’s Pretty Bizaare Trees

Most folks are proclaimed tree lovers, and I’m no exception.  Not only Palm trees grow here… but….well, you’ll see. I never expected to see so many wacky looking trees on the island. You could say I’ve going berserk over the bizarre.

Mallorca is famous for its almonds…and naturally the Almond trees.  Almond cake is THE cake of Mallorca, and it’s truly delicious.  Almond trees are pretty… the most bizarre trees are the Olive trees .… each one a unique piece of modern art. Take a look at the ones that caught my eye… and my camera.

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As a child I used to love to climb our huge pine tree in our backyard, so I guess I’m partial to pine trees. What about you? Do you have a favorite tree? 


Tarifa, the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen!

Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t many more beautiful beaches. But the Tarifa beach is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. (Click on photo to enlarge!)

The most wonderful restaurant owner in Marbella!

The most wonderful restaurant owner in Marbella!

We would never have discovered this place if we had never met Javiar, the owner of a beach side restaurant.

Because we ordered a huge fish platter at the ungodly hour of 11:30 in the morning (we were the only guests), Javiar was the host with the ‘mostess’. He told us of so many wonderful places that we must see, none of which were in our guide-book or in the tourist center. So, I can only recommend — talk to the  natives!

Since Javiar’s passion is kite-board surfing, he told us we must go to Tarifa, which just happens to be the El Dorado for kite board surfers in the world!  Meanwhile we found out  that Tarifa  is called Europe’s wind capital. Due to the Strait of Gibraltar, which  forms an ideal wind tunnel, it’s blessed with 300 days of wind and sun every year!


Only a two-hour drive from Marbella, Tarifa lies in the most southern point of Europe. When we arrived we were literally blown away – more ways than one!


But what really impressed me were the clear turquoise waves spewing out, in long billowing formations. Gusts of spindrift sprayed from their crests, reminding me of swarming insects gathering in silent dance formations, before spreading into masses of buzzing clouds.spray1

Tarifa is mainly known, though, for its canned Tuna. Maybe you too have opened a tuna can from Tarifa? Every year from March until August, tuna,  up to 3 meters in length and 700 kilos in weight, pass through the Straits of Gibraltar to spawning grounds in the Mediterranean. Guess how old Tuna can get! 35 years old! Who would have thought that?

In conclusion, if you like, check out the short slide show with a few more of my impressions of Tarifa.

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Hasta la Vista!


Autumn photos at Lake Constance, Germany

img_0009-smThis is my last report on Lake Constance in autumn. We were expecting a warm golden October, like the October’s in the last three or four years. We were planning to travel from Lake Constance to the North Sea and eventually Holland, but unfortunately, October was freezing this year. And no matter how high we turned up the heat in our caravan, it couldn’t fight the cold, clammy, morning, fog, which seeped in under the door, through the roof windows and into our clothes, blankets and under our skin.

One morning after cupping our hot coffee, Hubby and I compared who has the coldest hands. Not even our coffee cups could warm them up.  We decided to pack up and go back home.  And we aren’t sorry we did..

But still … we spent wonderful weeks hiking through abundant fields, overflowing with ripe grapes, plums, apples, pears, and even late strawberries. Sweet sour apple aroma filled the air, teasing our taste buds, till we gave in (like Adam and Eve) and took bites from the wide assortment, as distinctive in flavors as the colors on a painter’s pallet.

Harvest festivities took place in every village. Tractors pulling trains of small wagons, piled high with fruit, slowed down the commuter traffic to a pleasant crawl, allowing children to jump out of their parent’s cars and gaily walk alongside the farmers’ tractors by the fields.

People looked so healthy: ruddy red cheeks, windblown hair, laughing eyes. Folks stopped to sniff at the fruit cupped in their hands and they took deep breaths of crisp, fresh, red and orange October air.








Blue House of Quotes


Written on the outside walls of this lovely wine restaurant: 

“Enjoy a woman and a glass of wine

without any misgivin’.

But if your’re not a drinker nor a kisser,

Your life just ain’t worth livin’. “

Anyone who enjoys quotes would love visiting  Lake Constance, Germany.

You’l find quotes ( that you’ve never heard of before), everywhere: on houses, street signs, park benches, hidden in restaurant gardens, engraved on store fronts, printed in menus … even on sewage canal covers. I picked just a few for you to see… and of course translated them for you.

Every smartphone has a translator ab, so you can still enjoy — no matter what language you speak.
Don’t need a boat… if I can read a quote! 🙂

The Blue House


“There are many more old wine drinkers than old doctors.”


You want to talk about me and my family? First go back home, and tell me what you see. Only if you find there is nothing wrong at all Then go ahead, gossip … go tell ‘em all.”


Marriage is like going to a restaurant. You always think you have made the best choice, till you see what your neighbor got.


If you don’t do something for your health every day, then one day you will be sacrificing a lot of time for your health.


At an entrance to a cafe’ with delicious pastry. …. The more you weigh, the harder it is to kidnap you! Protect yourself! Eat cake!

That’s all for today folks! Let me know if you enjoyed yourselves.



You just can’t beat this place.

The advantage, or maybe it’s a disadvantage − however way you want to see it − but we change our travel destinations as often as the billowing winds change directions on a mountain lake.

“Okay,” I said to Hubby. Let’s just drive to our most favorite place in the world, and we’ll decide from day-to-day what our next stop shall be.

“You know, that’s the best idea you’ve had all week.” he said, and  gave me a big happy kiss.

I have written about Lake Constance, in Germany,  before. Where else can you breakfast in Germany, take lunch in Austria, drink an afternoon coffee in Liechtenstein and enjoy a glass of wine in the evening on the Swiss side of the lake? This is only possible  in the four-country-region- Bodensee… or known as Lake Constance. It’s like a second home to us, and  only a good hour and a half drive from our house.

We just love our trusty camp ground, and this time we even got a space that allows a narrow view of the lake between tall trees.


But before I say anything more, I have to admit — one of the reasons we drove to a camp site so close to home was because we were exhausted. Yes, exhausted from all the zillions of little pre-vacation things that had to be done. Packing our caravan has become a marathon of carrying laundry baskets full of clothes, medications, blankets, pillows, food, cell phones, laptops, Kindle, chargers and storing them all away in the caravan, so that nothing, not even a bra strap is caught hanging out between the hinges of the cabinet doors.  Maybe we are getting old, and maybe the need to take everything in question with us has increased with age. Gee, I can remember going on vacation with just a little handbag. Ha ha − that was about a million years ago.

Nevertheless, the vacation started off with a bang… or better said with a click. I was waiting patiently in the car, eating one gum drop after the other, while Herbert, my hubby, was in a gas station’s men’s room. The  car radio was playing some cool music, and not till after the fourth or eighth song − or maybe it was the empty gum drop bag, but I suddenly sat up in alert. What is taking my dear Hubby so long?  I got out of the car and marched to the gas station, when suddenly my husband approached me.

“So how long were you planning on waiting before checking up on me?” He asked a bit disgruntled.

“What took so long?” I said, while suppressing a sweet sour taste of gum drops coming up my throat.

“The lock broke on the bathroom door, and I banged and knocked and yelled on the door till someone finally let me out!”

Hubby suddenly began to laugh, saying the people at the gas station and even some customers, who urgently needed to use the bathroom, were in a tizzy trying to get the lock open.

“Now that would have made a good vacation shot!” I exclaimed. We both laughed, and then I knew − when stupid things like that strike one as funny it’s a sure sign that vacation time has started.

That evening we ate in a lovely restaurant by the sea. But even better than the food, were all the little signs,  stuck between roses and weeds, with wonderful wise quotes written upon them.  I took some snapshots of them, and am more than happy to translate the quotes for you. So in this first of the latest travel report series:    this is quote no. 1.

p1000039-kopieThe practical thing about vacation is that it not only renews your strength to start
working again,
but it makes you so damn broke, that it really gives you no other
choice in the matter.

PS….The header photo I just took this evening.
I swear! No photo shop!

PPS…I will be writing soon again. Hope to see around, and I would love for you to leave a comment. Thank you!


City Constance at Lake Constance

Hi folks, it’s been a while, but I think I’m back in the saddle again.

Between family visits at our house, Hubby and I took off for a weekend to see a maritime show in the city Constance, which is the largest metropolitan city, nestled on the shores of Lake Constance. (Bodensee in German).

Part of the city belongs to Germany, and the other part to Switzerland. The countries’ border lines run between houses and streets, and – (you won’t believe this!)between the largest department store in the city. Isn’t that just amazing? The two countries share festivities, buildings, the ice stadium, the bus transportation system and the gas and electric works, most everything – just not the Euro. Which means, when going on a shopping spree you need to bring both: the European Euro and the Swiss Franks.

Before I show you some of the photos I took, I have to tell a most remarkable and intriguing story about this city. The City Constance is represented by a 33 foot statue of a lady, named Imperia. She is mounted at the tip of the harbor and slowly rotates on her own axis.

Well, as you may have guessed; Imperia wasn’t just an ordinary lady. She was once – the classiest whore – in the entire city.  It’s the year 1414. The medieval church council was situated in Constance and a new Pope had just been elected. It was well known that high priests, kings and emperors courted Imperia as well as other prostitutes. But it was Imperia who gained, through her high ranking customers, the power to rule over life and death.

The story gets better.

Imperium holds upon her hands two dwarfish naked men. On her right uplifted palm she carries the king of Constance, and on the left the Catholic pope. The artist, Peter Lenk, satirically displays the whore as a juggler, arrogantly playing with the two powers.  The king and the pope, the most powerful men, are ruled by their lowest instincts. Imperia, who embodies physical love, appears to be the only dominant figure, who holds the two comical and pathetic figures in the high world of supremacy.

Guess Clinton wasn’t all that naughty after all. Jeez… people haven’t changed a bit.

And now… to my photo show! Enjoy 🙂

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What a Travel Show! The Canary Islands

I’ve never done this before!

I just got back from the movies, better said – a travel show.  It was so good; I just had to sit right down, turn on my computer and share this with you.

I can honestly say there is nothing on TV that can compare to private travel slide shows, films and/or documentaries shown in theaters, libraries, cramped backstage rooms, and dusty attics.  Not only are the films presented from the movie makers personally, but the producers moderate  – live –  in front of enthusiastic applauding audiences.

Tonight I drove about 40 kilometers in order to see a film on the Canary Islands. Although I have already visited three of the islands: Tenerife, Grand Canary, and Fuerteventura, I’m aware  that I have just touched the tip of the iceberg… or better said the top of the volcanoes. This particular documentary interested me since it is  a compact review of all seven of the Canary Islands: their people, the  breathtaking beauty, and the unique differences each island presents.

The architect, Andre’ Schumacher, is not only a film maker, but a photographer, who can hold his own in the National Geographic league. His combination of  breathtaking photos, slowly turning to life through moving pictures and charming animations were all skillfully combined. His live presentation was not only informative, but it was  witty and delightfully entertaining.


Waves of Clouds.

Waves of Clouds, a phenomenon that I have only seen in Tenerife.



If you would like to see unusual places,  hear music played by the natives and where tourists can’t be found– then check out Schumacher’s website. He offers personal guided tours on the Canary Islands, as well as many other beautiful spots on this earth.



Beautiful Blue Croatia – Part 3

campers view

Looks like we’re on a boat, doesn’t it? lol

Our campsite in Pula was special, since we could
park our caravan on the cliffs.

We saw some spectacular sunsets from our deck chairs, and every evening at sunset, dozens of  Dolphins swam by.

To round off the evening, we sat with new-found  camper friends, and exchanged travel experiences over a bottle of Croatian  wine, (which is delicious by the way.)

If you would like to see  more of our camping
impressions in Pula  Just click on  the above photo. ⇑

The following beaches were all within a few minutes walking distance from us. What a Rhapsody in blues and greens. The water  was  so crystal clear, but unfortunately still too cold for us in April.

City in Lights , Pula

We changed our original plans to visit the Plitvice Lakes and decided to drive to Pula, to see ‘The Night of the Lights Festivities’.  Well, they should have named it, the night of the THREE lights festivities. Lol…as usual, the advertisements were more impressive than the show.

It was more a conglomerate of family gatherings than a city of lights. Little  girls dressed in petticoats and oversized bows kicked soccer balls through narrow alleyways with their brothers, while mothers’ ran after the short-stops, snatching one or the other to wipe dripping chocolate ice-cream from their chins.

Our walk through the rather ‘dark’ city of lights, turned out to be a — dodge the flying soccer balls —  hike. But  we took it all in stride, and to Herbert’s delight,  he kicked the soccer ball a few times himself.

If you would like to see  more of our impressions in Pula, just click on  the photo above. ⇑

Of course we visited the Roman Amphibium theater in Pula, which has hosted some of the greatest bands in the world, and still does on a regular basis. As you see, one of the knights from bygone days is still chained to one of the columns. Tsk tsk… I wasn’t sure if I should free him, but being a generous kind maiden of the court, I took heart and released the poor soul of his misery.

 I’m happy to say there are no further images of this brave knight in gray.

Moving  right along….

DSC04169Pula has a large harbor, and has one of the most impressive ship restorers and ship
building manufacturers
.  It was a treat to stroll through the ship yards, and admire the highly polished mahogany decks,
adorned with brass framed pothole windows and shining bells.

The highlight of our stay, though,  was an excursion to Motovun…………,IMG_0084

an ancient village built on the top of a mountain. The landscape was breathtaking. Rolling green hills, miles of wild forests, and serpentine rivers

If you would like to see  more

 photos of Motovan


on  the photo

below. ⇓



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Lake Garda, Italy

A favorite camping vacation spot for Europeans is Lake Garda. It’s the largest lake in Italy and lies between Venice and Milan.

The camping site we stayed at is http://www.camping-bellaitalia.it/de/ I can recommend it.  Everything was clean, people were friendly, and prices were more than fair. They offer  great animation programs for children, or  for adults who still like to play. 🙂

Our son and 7  year old granddaughter came with us. Within the first hour she made loads of friends. That’s what I love about camping. It’s so easy to make friends, not just acquaintances. We’ve met people who we have remained in contact with over the years.

Bike and hiking trails lead along the lake shores  through tiny ancient villages to modern squares with spewing fountains at every corner.  But why say more… take a glimpse of Lake Garda through my eyes. Maybe you would like to come visit here too. Let me know… maybe we are there when you are and we’ll drink Italian wine together! Ciao! Ciao my friends!

By the way these were all taken around the beginning of September. We had perfect weather, between  75 and 80 degrees.

If you double click on a photo you can see it in a slide show and LARGE!