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Photographer Exchange Group – Gurushots and Others

Doesn’t everyone take pictures? 

How about lifting our photography to another level? – A level of mutual recognition between hobby photographers. – A level where we give honest critique and tips and share interesting links on photography.

Just recently I joined an online photography group called Gurushots. Is anyone else familiar with the site? After surfing through a number of photography sites, I got stuck on this one, primarily because it’s free, but still … you can win money.  Of course, after a while I discovered the ‘free’ is a relative term. To move up in the various challenges you need to gather points, which happen to be up for sale. But there is a way of getting around buying points – and that is by inviting friends to Gurushots.

If you are interested in joining Gurushots, please let me know. I can either send you an e-mail, or  send an invitation through twitter or facebook. When a fellow photographer is invited and joins a photography challenge, both of us will be credited free points. Just to give you an idea of my works …  here is my link on GuruShots: https://gurushots.com/writeauthorfirst/photos. I promise you, I have nothing to do with this site, other than being a new member seeking other photographer friends.

By no means is it  obligatory to have to enter  Guru shots or any other photography site, to share your photos here.

I’m looking forward to making photography friends from around the world!

And just to give this site a kick off,
let’s do our own photo challenge.
Post photos or share a link to  YOUR OWN ORIGINAL photos of a tree or trees.
No more than four  photos please.
I’ll start ♣
Comments, suggestions or critique are welcome  Thanks!  

Just click on photo for a larger view.