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Blue House of Quotes


Written on the outside walls of this lovely wine restaurant: 

“Enjoy a woman and a glass of wine

without any misgivin’.

But if your’re not a drinker nor a kisser,

Your life just ain’t worth livin’. “

Anyone who enjoys quotes would love visiting  Lake Constance, Germany.

You’l find quotes ( that you’ve never heard of before), everywhere: on houses, street signs, park benches, hidden in restaurant gardens, engraved on store fronts, printed in menus … even on sewage canal covers. I picked just a few for you to see… and of course translated them for you.

Every smartphone has a translator ab, so you can still enjoy — no matter what language you speak.
Don’t need a boat… if I can read a quote! 🙂

The Blue House


“There are many more old wine drinkers than old doctors.”


You want to talk about me and my family? First go back home, and tell me what you see. Only if you find there is nothing wrong at all Then go ahead, gossip … go tell ‘em all.”


Marriage is like going to a restaurant. You always think you have made the best choice, till you see what your neighbor got.


If you don’t do something for your health every day, then one day you will be sacrificing a lot of time for your health.


At an entrance to a cafe’ with delicious pastry. …. The more you weigh, the harder it is to kidnap you! Protect yourself! Eat cake!

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Bavarian Castle Series: – #1 – Linderhof Castle

Tired of your things collecting dust? Well take a look at this!

Things could be worse. You could have been a chamber maid in one of King Ludwig’s castles.linderhof-castle-1a

When imagining a castle most people think of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria Germany.
And since Walt Disney copied it, well, I guess it’s the most known castle on this planet.


Have you ever been inside?

I have… at least a dozen times. I live only an hour from the Bavarian castle,
so of course it’s on the top of the sightseeing list, when house guests come to visit.

This time, though, we took our nine-year old granddaughter to another castle;…a castle that may not be as impressive from the outside, but inside, it’s like every little girl would imagine a castle to be.

It’s called Schloß Linderhof,
named after all the lovely weeping  willows ( Linde in German). The castle truly is like a fairy tale castle, and although King Ludwig was known to be a little off his rocker… we have him to  thank for all these beautiful attractions in Bavaria, Germany. We also have his family to thank, who — over many generations painstakingly paid off the King’s debts and kept up these incredible monuments.

Slide show of my impressions.

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Unfortunately, this ingenious man King Ludwig II of Bavaria was declared insane in 1886. And now, after around 120 years after his death, scientists are saying that he was a one of the pioneers of flight, and has drafted ingenious aeronautical designs.

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Lake Constance, Our Favorite Camping Spot!

 I believe every camper has a favorite vacation spot. A place that they keep returning to, or at least say they would want to return to someday.

Our favorite spot is at Lake Constance, in Germany, or as the Europeans call it: Bodensee. Of course it helps that it’s only an hours drive from us. For you travelers, who want to pack in a lot of sights within a short period of time,  this is the perfect place to park your RV, or rent a caravan at one of the many camping sites.

Camp Gohren, at Lake Constance —  Our fingerprints are all over the place.

What makes Lake Constance so unique is that its shores lie between three beautiful countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It’s the third largest lake in Europe and covers 220 square miles. Beautiful islands dot the lake, presenting gorgeous parks, which display, because of the mild climate, unusual varieties of vegetation. From the German shores, visitors can enjoy looking over the lake to the breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

We have been to a number of camping sites along the shores, but love this one the best. It’s an ideal location for it lies between two fascinating cities: Friedrichshafen and Lindau. Beautiful bike trails lead from the camp grounds to both towns.

Lake Constance and why it’s so special.

One of the many attractions on Lake Constance is the largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhein Fall in Stein-am-Rhein, where the lake officially − falls − into a river once again.

I created a short film spot on one of our visits there.  If you like, click on the photo to see the video …and please turn up the volume to really hear, see and feel the dynamics.

Rhein Falls — click on photo to see Video.

 There is so much to share about Lake Constance; I have to hold myself back from gushing. I think the best thing is to make a series on this. So for now… you have gotten a first impression, which I hope will make you want to see more. (Please let me know if this topic interests you.) This little corner of Europe represents a particular part of the continent in a most fitting and condensed way, and makes it possible for one to see, just within a few miles, uncountable unique sights.