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Mallorca in February

Hola my friends!

This time we traveled by plane… since crossing over to Mallorca Island  in our caravan could be hazardous. 🙂 Mallorca has no campsites anyway… so we decided to rent an apartment. I found a great deal,  because February and March are off season. Even renting a (new) car for two months and 4 days cost only 340,00 Euros!

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Because good deals are sometimes booked years ahead, I booked last April. We were really excited, since we have never spent a vacation in one spot so long… in other words, we decided to test the snow bird thingy.  We checked the temperatures for this time of year.  The temps were always  between 60 and 75 degrees. So you can imagine the shock when  the first 8 days were just above freezing, rainy, and hurricane winds. When speaking with folks around us, they looked surprised at our naive trust, confirming  that the cold temperatures are absolutely normal for this time of year. So what does this tell us?  Don’t trust those temperature sites… they are often sponsored by travel  online sites….. need I say more?

To be honest with you, I love it when it’s stormy outside, especially when we can see the Mediterranean sea churning like a washing machine, right outside of our glass sliding doors.  Perfect weather to hammer away at my lap top and work on my second novel, (more about that another time. 🙂 ) Hubby reads the newspaper, watches  soccer, and meanwhile the Olympic games… shhh… don’t tell him… but I welcome this weather.

When a sunny day does come, like yesterday, all the more we rejoice, and OOO and AAA at all the glorious scenery sparkling in the sunlight .  Take a look… the following  shots were from our outing yesterday.


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Waving to you from Mallorca,