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My  Last Rose

While on a stroll in my windswept yard,

I searched for plants that weren’t hit too hard.

For rain, hail and winds stripped and cropped,

Dainty rose pedals till they dropped.

But then a sun ray shone down from the sky,

And something pink and shiny caught my eye.


I pushed back the fern and lifted a branch,

To see sparkly rain drops twinkle and dance,

Upon a single rose – spread in full blossom, 

A delicate beauty – quietly awesome.

For nothing is quite as lovely or shines much brighter,

Than when frail life morphs into a damn good Fighter.


My pink rose.

by Angelika Schwarz

More of my poems and short stories  are available in my series: Brighten a Senior’s Day I, II, III. 

Uplifting, entertaining and fun reading from the ages of 9 to 99.  

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Thoughts…just a little poem.

One, two three

We march in pace.

Time is passing

We join the race.

Working, toiling,

Getting older.

Weaker, sleepier and a bit


Till suddenly we’re

Aware — life is ending.

This is it,

We’re comprehending.

That we’re missing, while on duty,

Happiness, nature

And all the beauty.

Only travel culture and our health

entails the true multitudes of wealth

Therefore people — wise up in time!

Living it up doesn’t cost a  dime.

Just look out, and up, and see the sky,

Do as the birds,  just fly just fly!

Don’t hesitate,

Before it’s too late:


Babble and babble,


Travel and travel!

Angelika Schwarz

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