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Blue House of Quotes


Written on the outside walls of this lovely wine restaurant: 

“Enjoy a woman and a glass of wine

without any misgivin’.

But if your’re not a drinker nor a kisser,

Your life just ain’t worth livin’. “

Anyone who enjoys quotes would love visiting  Lake Constance, Germany.

You’l find quotes ( that you’ve never heard of before), everywhere: on houses, street signs, park benches, hidden in restaurant gardens, engraved on store fronts, printed in menus … even on sewage canal covers. I picked just a few for you to see… and of course translated them for you.

Every smartphone has a translator ab, so you can still enjoy — no matter what language you speak.
Don’t need a boat… if I can read a quote! 🙂

The Blue House


“There are many more old wine drinkers than old doctors.”


You want to talk about me and my family? First go back home, and tell me what you see. Only if you find there is nothing wrong at all Then go ahead, gossip … go tell ‘em all.”


Marriage is like going to a restaurant. You always think you have made the best choice, till you see what your neighbor got.


If you don’t do something for your health every day, then one day you will be sacrificing a lot of time for your health.


At an entrance to a cafe’ with delicious pastry. …. The more you weigh, the harder it is to kidnap you! Protect yourself! Eat cake!

That’s all for today folks! Let me know if you enjoyed yourselves.



My Photos and my Favourite Quotes

Do you save quotes?

I think I’m addicted to them.

They lift me up like soft spoken motherly words. They comfort, motivate, and what I always find amazing,… they seem to say just the right thing.  I have saved hundreds of quotes,  and am always delighted to discover one that I’ve never heard before. I would like to share some of them with you, and post one of my own photos to go along with it.  Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have had fun selecting and matching with my photos. And if you have one or more favourite quotes that you would like to share… I would be soooo delighted to see!


“Wow…that’s beautiful!” Is either a cry or a thought when faced with the mountain sunset, a spectacular view or a well-formed man or woman. But where is the beauty, where is the appreciation of beauty, where is the ability to discern beauty? It is within our own consciousness. For the essence of who and what we are is beauty itself. The essence of beauty is not found in the body, a face or a mountain – they only stir the essence of beauty within our own spirit. And that beauty is not only something we taste within ourselves, but it emerges in our character as virtue, and in our life as care. For what is virtue, but love in action. The next time you say, “That’s beautiful!” know that you speak of yourself, and it is you who are beautiful. Always were, always will be.




Be inside the inside itself.
Don’t hold this thought that you are journeying towards something,
because that itself is an admission that you are outside somewhere.
What you are searching for is already what you are.

(This I definitely have to work on. )


In my Garden.

Lasting Fragrance

Tread lightly upon this earth, seeing, understanding but never imposing. Thoughtful, independent,
be gracious in victory and defeat. Free of possessiveness, so ease of mind sweetens relationships.
Like the scent of a rose the untroubled spirit imparts a lasting fragrance.


And last, but not least,

I discovered this quote  written on the outside wall of a German house at Lake Constance.

I translated the  rhyme (under the photo) for you,
just because it says so much. It’s hard to keep the meaning in rhymes, but I did my best.


Wise quote on a German house wall

 This house is mine; but not really mine.

The next owner lives here for a short time,

A third proprietor will pay mortgage as well.

The fourth will kick the bucket before he can sell.

The fifth will be carried out, deader than a dead mouse.

Oh God, who really owns this bloom’n house?

 Bye-bye.. till next time.