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Brighten a Senior’s Day, Volume II


I’m happy to announce that the second edition of Brighten a Senior’s Day II is now available in Amazon and  soon in Kindle.


This coffee table book was as much fun to write as the first edition. My favorite short story is: Oy Vey, What a Day maybe because it’s a true story… which I know , is hard to believe… but I swear on my life… it’s true.  I’m curious to hear what your favorite story or poem is.

It’s all up to my readers… if you keep enjoying my books, who knows maybe a Brighten a Senior’s Day III will come up… but for now – this author wants to do some reading on her own. Besides, I have a pretty interesting novel zooming around my brain, as well. But time will tell if that ever comes to paper.

Thank you for stopping by, and please, if you enjoyed the book, leave a comment in Amazon. I sure would appreciate it. If you want to see some previews of this edition, just click on this link:


Click here to go to Amazon

Brighten a Senior'sDay II back coversm


Author: Angelika Schwarz

I'm an author on the go. Give me a caravan, laptop, camera, and Hubby at my side, ( not exactly in that order), and I'm on a 'roll'.

2 thoughts on “Brighten a Senior’s Day, Volume II

  1. That’s a fantastic output, Angelika. Three books in less than a year. Congratulations!


  2. Thank you Debbie. Short stories and poems have always been my passion. My grandchildren sure profited from that. 🙂 .

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