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A most beautiful coastal walk.


As I sit here listening to the ocean roar behind my open terrace doors, I am gratefully soaking my feet in a basin filled with warm water, colored in a golden hue, from the 4 bags of chamomile tea.

What a day! I never knew that Spain has thousands and thousands of miles of gorgeous pedestrian walks along the Andalusian coast line. The walks, a combination of board walks, hard packed sand, and tiled walks — wide enough for 6 cyclists to ride abreast, are dotted with palm trees, beach bars, restaurants, and tapa stands. Between clusters of trees, trickling waterfalls find their way into the hundreds of streams, flowing into the Mediterranean.


Spain: Andalusia Coast line

Although it seemed like a thousand miles, we walked ‘only’ about 15 kilometers. That’s a lot for me, since I’m not used to walking such distances, and my sore toe didn’t help either. The forever changing views of dancing lights reflecting over breaking waves, the peace, friendly faces, and the crisp salty air, spurred me on … causing me to forget that we have to walk back too.  Everything is so immaculately clean, shiny, and welcoming… (Is that a word?).

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Click on an image below, in order to see a slide show and larger images. 

You get the impression that Spain is a rich country, flourishing, and happy.

But…. The other day we walked away from the fancy shore lines, and saw quite another Spain. Slums, poverty, and sad faces. Like in so many tourist areas, unfortunately those who serve the tourists, live in pathetic dwellings. Like in so many tourist areas, the real-estate lords, shovel in the cash, and the service folks, come way too short.

Spain is recovering, slowly but surely, though, from a serious crisis. Everywhere you look you see builders, construction workers, and shops opening. It surely must help that Europeans aren’t traveling to Turkey anymore, which allows countries like Spain to profit from the additional stream of tourism.

This is the second addition of our trip to Marbella Spain. Hope you enjoyed it, and if so … let me know. 🙂

Author: Angelika Schwarz

I'm an author on the go. Give me a caravan, laptop, camera, and Hubby at my side, ( not exactly in that order), and I'm on a 'roll'.

9 thoughts on “A most beautiful coastal walk.

  1. Spain sounds like an ideal Winter escape, without the Summer time crowds. We are presently vacationing in the Florida keys. It is 80F here in February. What it lacks in European old world charm it makes up for with miles of coral reefs, and a very relaxed lifestyle.

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  2. Sounds wonderful! How was the snorkeling?


  3. Beautiful photos, Angelika! I’ve always wanted to visit Spain. We are thinking of taking a cruise….It’s a shame the workers live in such poverty. Here’s hoping things will improve in the near future.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks Debbie. I’ve never been on a cruise. I’ve only heard wonderful things about them. and people advising to pack clothes only with an elastic waist band. 🙂


  5. You capture the beauty perfectly with all your sumptious photos!

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  6. Thank you Meredith for being a loyal visitor. Hope you are feeling well. Looking at all the beautiful vegetation here, I thought of your garden, and how tropical it must look as well.


  7. More desert than tropical. Way-tres overgrown primeval cactus garden lol. I took a bunch of pics recently but keep forgetting to post them on FB.

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  8. We saw some of the difficulties on our tour through Spain a few years ago…the most memorable image in both of our minds were the hundreds (hundreds!) of construction cranes everywhere we went – not one of them was moving and so many of those buildings-under-construction had clearly not been worked on for a long time and had become ravaged by the winds and rains. It was a sad image, in stark contrast to the beautiful beaches and bustling marketplaces in the more touristy areas. It’s such a gorgeous country, I’m glad it’s beginning to recover.

    Beautiful photos, I’m enjoying them all! xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thanks Sharon. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Just got back last night. Will be posting another post on the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Should be in my next week. … The cranes were moving when we were there….and we visited several shopping malls… very impressive and high style. And they were crowded… so that is encouraging. I’m enjoying your photos on your trip to Cuba too! xoxo


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